Staying Connected at South Point

God Sized Stories - Noah

"God Sized Stories" - As you survey the Bible and as you survey your own life you might wonder what makes a truly God sized story? Are they big or small? Are they common or rare? As we take a run at this over the Summer we're going to stop in a lot of places and I believe discover a lot of wonderful things. But first we are going on a Covid Free cruise with Noah and his family. I'd like to suggest some snacks. So if you can get some chips, crackers and veggies maybe I will bring the dip.

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Please keep up with us during this busy and wonderful Summer by looking at the events page on our website as it will start to be updated with all the details.


June 2020

Hello Everyone,

Below you will find a list of different events that are happening digitally with our South Point Family. It is really important to us that we all stay connected during this time.  Many of the activities we have planned will require the use of the Zoom App onto your computer or your phone.  

If you would like to join us, please download the Zoom App (if you haven't already) onto your desktop computer or phone by clicking this link and then click on the link provided at the time of the event.  That should connect you :)  

This social distancing affects all of us in different ways.  It is really important that if you need something (groceries, to hear someone's voice...), that you reach out.   If you need any help, please let Dave or I know and we would be happy to help you.



Be sure to join us in one of the weekly bible studies to learn more about Philippians - we have several groups available:

  • Sunday at 7 pm with Dawn

  • Tuesday at 2 pm with Pastor Dave

  • Tuesday at 7 pm with Trevor

  • Thursday at 10 am with Pastor Dave

  • Thursday at 7 pm with Tom & Wendy

Please click here to see the upcoming events

at South Point for more ways to stay connected!

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At South Point, "church" is about who we are everyday, not just about where we go one day.