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Beginning October 10th we will be alternating between Sunday Morning Indoor Worship Service one week & "Coffee Talk" Small Group Meetings the next week.


We have so much to be thankful for....This Sunday we will start to meet inside for our Sunday morning worship services again.  In order to comply with the current guidelines ( allowed to meet indoors with 2 metres of social distancing between households) we will need to have 2 services (9 and 11 am) and have the children go straight to their classes.  With the two services this would put about 30-40 adults in the chapel at each service (or less). 


What about singing?

Yes - singing is a higher risk activity. In a room like our chapel each song is kind of like a 3 minute sneeze! HOWEVER, under the current guidelines singing is not restricted. This is primarily because when the case count is low, "higher risk" activities like singing are really no risk at all since virtually no one has covid to spread. Furthermore, our plan has been to limit the length of our service (about 55 - 60 minutes), limit the number of songs to 3 or 4,  ask everyone who would like to sing along to do so gently - while wearing their mask. 


Here are a few details to note, if you would like to join us:

1. Please RSVP for one of our services at 9am or 11am by texting, calling or emailing Tracy (226-347-0033,  It is helpful if you can let me know by Friday but, please still check with me at the last minute if needed if there is a spot, because we will always do our best to make sure everyone is able to come.   If you do not have any children in the nursery or Kids Wing and are not volunteering, we would encourage you to RSVP for the 9 am service.  We understand that this may not be possible for everyone but it would help us to be able to make sure everyone can join us if they would like to.

2. When you enter the building we would like you to sign in confirming that you are symptom free.  If you are not symptom free (those are symptoms that are not related to a condition you already have -ex. seasonal allergies), we ask that you stay home for this week and we look forward to connecting with you when you feel better.

3.  Children for Nursery and Kids Wing, will go directly to their classes at the 11 am service.  Parents, please sign your children in when you drop them off.

4. Masks must be worn while walking in the building and singing.  Once you are seated and socially distanced, you may remove your mask.

It is really important to us to stay connected and to ensure that we are doing it safely.  Thank you for your cooperation with these guidelines. 

If you have any questions, please let us know :)

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