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South Point Community Church

A group of people who love to serve Jesus and the people of our community.
We're glad you are here!

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Please Note:


May 7, 2023 we will not have a service at the church so that we can support The Blessing of the Bikes at the First Lutheran Church in Kingsville at 10:30 am with lunch to follow.

Join us Sundays at 10:30 am
475 Bevel Line Rd
Leamington, ON

So what would that look like?

   SPCC is a small church with a big heart for God and for people. We look like families and singles, youth and seniors, migrant workers, truck drivers, teachers, carpenters, sales clerks, retirees and everything in between. The dress is casual (come as you are). The worship is vibrant and sincere. The Kids' Wing volunteers are amazing. The Bible is understood to actually be relevant for our lives today so every effort is made to bring that out in a practical way.

   We are definitely not a perfect church but we are striving with God's help to embrace people in the ups and downs of life with the same grace and enthusiasm that Jesus did (just trying).

Looking to see what is here and what SPCC is all about?

From here you can see a little bit about what kind of church family SPCC really is. You can check out our statement of beliefs, thumb through some of our past Newsletters to get a flavour for what has been going on at SPCC, or find a link to our Facebook page, etc.

   If you have any other questions please try our contact page or just call us at 519-819-1590!

We also share our space with:

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