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June 12/20


A big hello to our whole South Point family,
            In light of the Premier's announcement this week regarding the limited reopening of churches across Ontario, we are striving to gain greater clarification from the health unit, etc. about the necessary steps for publicly reopening our building in a way that keeps everyone safe. [Perhaps some will say, “Don't worry, you can see that this is currently only an issue for places like Nursing Homes and the Bunk Houses on the farms.” However, unfortunately what the church has in common with those two examples is that, we tend to gather in close proximity, for extended periods of time, in a semi-commercial building, with limited fresh air exchange.]

            Although we are NOT in a position to be able to open this coming Sunday, we are looking forward to our drive-in worship and communion time already planned for this Sunday morning at 11am (Rain date: Saturday, June 20th at 6pm). We will continue to be sharing online videos, prayer meetings and bible studies. We are also excited about the flexibility that these new government parameters give us for ministry in general. For example, with the summer weather here, it seems the health unit is much more comfortable recommending outdoor gatherings. Therefore, in the near future, we are working on launching a series of fellowship events called, “Time for Ten”. (Some of Pastor Dave's favourites: Time for Ten – tea, Time for Ten – campfire, Time for Ten – pastries and prayer, Time for Ten – motorcycles, Time for Ten – breakfast and bible study, Time for Ten – church yard work and ... chicken wings! Etc.)

            Thank you for your patience as we continue to work towards resuming our regular Sunday worship services. Please feel free to pray with us regarding some of these concerns: many new regulations relating to child care for Nursery and Sunday School that most likely will mean NO Kids' Wing (for now), physical restrictions on singing and fellowship, added guidelines for disinfecting and cleaning. As well under the new rules, our sanctuary will only accommodate about 16 of our 45+ households that make up our church family.

            Of course, none of this means that ministry stops or that the church is held back. We need only look to the Christians in the Book of Acts to see what God can do through His willing and worshipping people. In fact, this summer may be shaping up to be South Point Community Church's most community engaging summer yet. We are strategically planning to physically cover our County this summer through prayer walks and rides. We are actively looking for tangible ways to encourage our struggling migrant workers. And, we want to respond to Jesus' call to bless the forgotten and the lonely.

            Please stay tuned as plans are made and clarified, and as church volunteers are trained in the new procedures. Rest assured that, prior to resuming our regular Sunday worship services, you will be given at least two weeks notice, along with all the details relating to such a public gathering. To that end we would like to ask for a little bit of your feedback in the form of this digital survey. If you would be willing to click on the link this survey will likely take about 7 minutes to fill out. The survey can be submitted anonymously or with your name attached. Furthermore, if you have any other questions, concerns or ideas any of our staff or leadership team would be happy to discuss this further at any time.


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